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Well folks, that wraps up a WHOLE YEAR of BBG! It's been such a crazy journey of self discovery. We've started to realise who we are, and what we are capable of. We've gained so much strength, both physically AND emotionally. There's no other way to say it, then to say it's been a totally life-changing year!

If you've been following my journey, you will have seen my previous posts after completing each round (Pre-Training, Round One, Round Two & Round Three). In those posts, especially the last three, I've explained my various eating guidelines and workout schedule. 

I'm going to be real with you though, over this last round (especially in the last few weeks) I haven't been AS strict. I've still done the best that I can, but life has taken an extremely busy turn with my business recently, and I found myself running out of time to fit some of the LISS & HIIT sessions in. I also ate a few things that I previously wouldn't have touched, simply because it was 'easy' and I didn't have the energy to make better choices at the time. HOWEVER, that is no longer! The fact is, I took on a few too many things in my day-to-day life and was so overwhelmed, I couldn't juggle it all anymore. I had to let something go. Unfortunately, that was my health. I think this happens to people all the time, and it's such a shame. The longer you leave it, the harder it is to get back on track! I've snapped out of it and remembered what's most important, and why I'm doing this. SO, I'm totally back on track now, completely up-to-date for the week. And already, I'm feeling so much better. 

I'm going to get straight into the figures for those interested.


Weight (-12.7kg)
Waist (-14cm)
Belly Button Line (-26cm)
Hips (-13.5cm)
Butt (-10cm)
Thigh (-9cm)

That's 12.7kg down, and 72.5cm gone just from these measurements! CRAZY-TALK! So even though I haven't been on my absolute best behaviour for a few weeks, I have nothing to complain about there!! I am my own motivation, and I'm going to continue to push myself each day. My goals are getting so close now, it's so exciting!
Goodness I'm so glad I decided to start this a year ago. I hate to think where I would be if I hadn't! Right now, life is looking pretty great. I feel so much more confident! Speaking of confident, I recently posted on Instagram that I now fit into my goal shorts!! I bought them last year just after starting BBG and I actually couldn't fit them up my thighs. Well.. now they do. AND they do up. I tell you what.. that feels amazing!!

Whats next? Well, we keep going! 

We're currently doing our 5th round of BBG! I can't wait to see how we're feeling by THIS summer! Definitely going to be rocking some lovely Bikini's, and feeling confident doing so.

Again, this is not some 'magical' program. It's a guide, and YOU need to put in the work if you want to see a change. IT works if YOU work for it. Sometimes you need to stop thinking, and start DOING. Just make yourself start before you can talk yourself out of it!

Who knows where YOU could be in a year from today!
Like always, a huge thank you to Kayla. And just like before, thank you to my husband for supporting me through another round, and thank you to Lara for doing each workout with me, and pushing me. And thank you to the whole BBG community!

I've said it once, but I'll say it again. YOU are stronger than you think, and you have what it takes to reach your goals. I was the queen of excuses, but when I finally let them all go, that's when my life changed. What's holding you back? Let go and see all the different areas of your life transform.

If you need any love and support, there are heaps of us out there to keep your butt in check. Come hang out over at Instagram & Snapchat! Especially if you're on a similar journey. We can inspire and motivate each other every day. Also, if you're doing BBG and live in Australia or New Zealand, come join our support group on Facebook.

Instagram : @mrsdavisxo
Snapchat : @mrsdavisxo

- A M Y  D A V I S

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