BBG - Round Three COMPLETE!

by - Monday, May 30, 2016

Well, that's another 3 months of BBG done and dusted for Lara and I, which completes our THIRD round! The BBG 2.0 guide has been amazing, and really stepped it up a notch in difficulty. There were exercises we hadn't done before which were great and challenging, and then of course there were exercises we were more familiar with. However, Kayla thought it would be fun to add extra reps to these PLUS weights. Sneaky girl. But we did what we were told, no questions asked!

It feels SO GOOD to have achieved BBG 2.0. It's something we were a little scared to undertake, but just like BBG 1.0, you just take it one workout at a time. What we also found to be great was all the personal challenges you get to do. They were amazing to measure your own personal progress and improvements. Each time a challenge came up, you wanted to beat your personal best from before! It really drove me.

I recently posted something on Instagram, but I'll write it here too because I think it's really important. 

"If you solely rely on 'motivation', you're not going to make it. Because I can guarantee that you're not going to feel super pumped and motivated EVERY day. So it's not about that. It's about making a decision, and being determined to follow through with it whether you feel 'motivated' that day or not! Sometimes you just have to get your grumpy face on, suck it up, and JUST DO IT. Because afterwards, you'll feel invincible. And you'll realise that you actually DO have what it takes. Yes.. I am talking to YOU."

This is SO true. I want to be real with you. I have not always felt like doing my workouts! Sometimes I feel really grumpy about forcing myself do them. But you know what? About 10 minutes into them, every single time, I feel so energetic and happy about doing it. It's crazy how that happens. Sometimes you need to stop thinking, and start DOING. Just make yourself start before you can talk yourself out of it!

I'm also going to be real with you and say that I wasn't as strict on myself during this round of BBG. For the first 2 rounds, I ate super clean 100% of the time (other than 1 cheat meal a week), didn't miss any workouts, and did a lot of extra LISS. I saw big results which was what I wanted! However, there were a few times over this last round that I wasn't able to get a workout done. Thats life though. Life has been very busy for me! I'm still totally committed to this, and this lifestyle change, but I'm not going to beat myself up for running out of time to do a LISS occasionally, or going out for a coffee date with my baby girl and sharing a blueberry muffin! Having said that, my diet is still very clean, and I do my absolute best to do all my workouts, plus still doing extra.

Since I started back in August last year, I had no idea what I was in for! This has been such an amazing journey. It's pushed me to become a stronger person, both physically AND mentally. I never thought I'd have abs, but they've come to say hello recently! I've also noticed quite a bit of muscle gain in my arms which is fun! (Ain't nobody gonna mess with me now! hehe) I've also been feeling like my legs have slimmed down quite a bit which is nice! It's been really interesting to see that I'm putting on lots of muscle, but still dropping in weight. I must be doing something right. (Sneaky blueberry muffins and all!) 
Fun Fact: When I bought these exercise pants, they actually didn't fit me! #winning
So now that we've completed two rounds of BBG 1.0, and one round of BBG 2.0, we are repeating BBG 2.0 again, starting today! We've already knocked off todays Leg session. BOOM. Reason behind this, is that some of the exercises were new, and so we want to get another round under our belt to really improve our form with them.

Going into our 4th round of BBG, I will be keeping up with the extra workouts I've been doing since week 6 of round 2. I will go into that more later!

For those interested, here’s some information on changes and improvements! It hasn't really changed since I started, so if you've read my previous posts, feel free to skip this part. A little further down, you can view my weekly workout schedule and official transformation.

Remember that this is a lifestyle change. Something that becomes habit. But also something that you want to maintain long term, so treating yourself on occasions is totally okay if you want to! Just don’t over-do it. So other than on really special occasions, I’ve given up..

Rice // White bread // Fast Food // Coffee // Cows Milk // Sugar // Lollies  // Sweets // Ice-cream // Cakes // Chocolate etc.

Quinoa // Dark Rye Bread // Coconut Water // Coconut Milk // Homemade Nut Milks // Homemade RAW Chocolate and Desserts!

I have some general rules I stick with that keep me feeling good.

I do at least one Green Smoothie a day as one of my main meals. I used to do it for breakfast, but more recently I've been doing them for dinner instead! I am actually loving it for a couple reasons. Doing them for dinner makes sure that I don't overeat on high carb foods right before bed. Carbs are good, but I'd rather have the majority of them during the day time rather than night time. I'm also someone who LOVES breakfast. It's my favourite meal of the day. So this way, I still get to have my yummy muesli and greek yogurt etc each day! // I usually have two pieces of Dark Rye Bread to make some kind of sandwich for lunch. I only have two pieces of bread in a day. // Once a week we have family dinner night, and I use that as my cheat night. I have a Nando’s classic chicken wrap and some chips. // Snacks are important, I try and have one in-between meals (this doesn’t always happen) but I do things like homemade RAW chocolate, some Greek Yogurt with a dash of Honey and a piece of Fruit, some Fruit by itself, or Quinoa Crackers and Dip. There are a bunch of yummy sweet recipes on my blog, feel free to treat-yo-self, and indulge without feeling guilty!

Since week 6 of round 2, I stepped up my LISS game, and did 6 sessions each week. I continued that throughout BBG 2.0, and I'm planning to continue with this general schedule for the next round. I know that 12 workouts a week may seem extreme, but it allows me to aim high, and if I miss a LISS here and there, I'm not going to be worried. Like I said before, now that I'm closer to my goals, I'm a little less strict on myself. I've already achieved so much more than I thought I would, and I feel so proud of myself for it! My journey does not stop here though, it's a never-ending healthy way of life. And I love it! It feels so good to work hard for the health and body that you want with your own sweat, tears and determination. By doing so, you're giving yourself time to form good habits along the way, and you're more likely to keep it up long term. There is no quick-fix that stays permanent.
Okay. Now the fun part! Lets get into the figures. These are my totals since I started BBG. Honestly, I feel a little overwhelmed by these. Even with muscle gain, I've lost over 10kg since starting.


Weight (-10.1kg)
Waist (-12cm)
Belly Button Line (-22cm)
Hips (-12.5cm)

Butt (-8cm)

Thigh (-7cm)

That's 10.1kg down, and 61.5cm gone from just these measurements. MIND - BLOWN!

Again, I feel a little nervous to put up this transformation photo for all the world to see! But it continues to keep me accountable. I'm so glad I took photos from the beginning, because otherwise I wouldn't actually believe where I started, and where I am now! I still have a fair way to go to get to my goals, but I'm not the least bit concerned about it. If I'M working, IT'S working. And good things can take time! So although difficult, if by having these photos up inspires just one person to make the change in their life that they need, it will be worth it.
OH - and even though I've changed my hair, you can be sure that it's still me in all the photos! If only it was as easy to lose weight as it is to change your hair! But then where would the fun be in that?!
Like I said before, life has been very busy for me recently. I've continued to take photos of myself every morning, but I haven't actually had the time to put them together yet and make a day-by-day transformation GIF from the last round! I do plan to though, so once it's done, I'll add it into this blog post and notify people via Instagram. For now, I'll just pop in my last one for those that hadn't seen the one from the end of the last round. I can't believe I have a whole 3 more months of photos to add to it!
Like I said before, the crazy thing about this whole journey, is that it's shifted my focus in life. It's become something I really LOVE. I love accomplishing my goals, I love discovering new delicious healthy foods, I love encouraging the girls that are on the same journey to keep going! I used to think I needed a personal trainer to force me to do things because I didn't have the determination to do it by my own will. But that's not the case anymore. I've come to realise that I DO have what it takes and I CAN make it happen. And so can YOU.
A huge thank you to Kayla again. And just like before, thank you to my husband for supporting me through another round, and thank you to Lara for doing each workout with me, and pushing me. And thank you to the whole BBG community!

YOU are stronger than you think, and you have what it takes to reach your goals. I promise you, the hardest part is just starting! What's holding you back? I was the queen of excuses, but when I finally let them all go, that's when my life changed. What do you have to lose? Let go of all your excuses, prove the world wrong, and see all the different areas of your life transform.

If you need any love and support, there are heaps of us out there to keep your butt in check. Come hang out over at Instagram & Snapchat! Especially if you're on a similar journey. We can inspire and motivate each other every day. Also, if you're doing BBG and live in Australia or New Zealand, come join our support group on Facebook.

Instagram : @mrsdavisxo
Snapchat : @mrsdavisxo

See you there!!

- A M Y  D A V I S

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  1. Hey, On your schedule were your Resistance and Liss performed in one session or morning and night? I am just about to start my pre training!

    1. Hi Lovely! I did my best to separate the sessions! So I usually did them either morning, then night. Or I did them a few hours apart depending on what I had on that particular day. Occasionally I did a resistance, and then did my LISS straight afterwards. But it's definitely best to separate them!

      I'm so excited for you!! Let me know how you go!