BBG Pre-Training COMPLETE!

by - Monday, September 21, 2015

I am feeling like Superwoman today! I have officially finished the Kayla Itsines four week pre-training and today I start the official BBG 1.0 (which are weeks 1 - 12). So watch this space!! It feels so great to be a whole four weeks closer to my goal of getting my body back and #takingbackwhatsmine! Oh and by the way, there is no such thing as 'pre-training'!! It is TOUGH work, but it's amazing!

I've never been able to stick to a program like this before! I always slack off, and say I'll catch up for missed workout sessions, but it never happens! However, with this program I haven't missed a single day in four weeks. I feel 'super' proud about that! I've been doing the resistance workouts with my gorgous sister in law, Lara. I think it's definitely helped having someone to do the workouts with. We've kept each other accountable and while we're doing the various circuits we try to keep up with each other! So it's been really great.

Having had a rough recovery after giving birth just over 6 months ago, up until 6 weeks ago I wasn't even able to walk slowly on the treadmill without being incredibly sore for the next few days. But I got doctors clearance a month ago to go very slow, and I think I was only just at the point where I was able to do it. I still have days where I get pretty sore around my wound, usually after walking or after sit ups etc. But it's not bad enough for me to worry about it, and I'm so happy about that! Getting through four consecutive weeks of training without skipping anything has been a little achievement!

Day one nearly killed me. Literally. Well, not literally. But I did almost throw up half way through and had to take a breather! But then we pushed on through and completed it. Since then, I've felt stronger every day and as the weeks have passed, I can already see changes in my weekly photos! 

I couldn't be more excited to continue with BBG! It's just become a part of my every day, and with it, has come a lifestyle change that I'm loving. I gave up coffee and processed milk almost 2 months ago now, and have replaced those habits with healthier ones. I've been getting really creative with healthy and raw snacks, and don't feel tempted in the slightest to have store bought chocolate again. I've been doing a green smoothie daily, sometimes twice! And I've learnt to really love dark rye bread, so if I'm wanting a sandwich I don't feel bad about it.

Little changes, make a big difference.

Thanks to Nike and H&M for dressing me! I'm loving having both stores nice and close to me. 
T-Shirt : H&M
Workout Tights : Nike
Shoes : Nike
Water Bottle : Typo

Well.. week ONE has just begun!! See you on the other side.

Go and have yourself a beautiful day!

- A M Y  D A V I S

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  1. Is the pre-training included in the ap? I can't seem to find that out anywhere. Thanks!

  2. Kat, it is included!

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