Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles

by - Saturday, September 26, 2015

 I'm still just as crazy about Peanut Butter and Chocolate as I have ever been. So it was only natural to come up with this super delicious, mouth watering recipe for some Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles! They're amaze-balls. (Excuse the pun!)

It's totally healthy, which is kind of mind blowing because they taste very UN-healthy! The mixture is lovely and rich, and soft to bite into. But the cherry on top (figuratively speaking) is that they're coated in Peanut Butter Chocolate! I mean seriously.. can your day get any better?! Peanut Butter Chocolate on Peanut Butter Chocolate! That is my kind of dessert.

If you've been making some lovely raw treats recently, you'll probably have the ingredients in your cupboard already, but if you don't, then it's time to slip down to the grocery store! They are THAT good. Trust me. 

Let's get to it.
You'll need a high speed blender or food processor to make the chocolate mixture. I used my Optimum Blender.

Chocolate Ball Mix:
1/3 cup of Cashews
1/3 cup of Almonds
375g of Pitted Dates (Roughly. Doesn't have to be exact)
1/2 cup Raw Cacao
6 Tablespoons of Natural Peanut Butter
1/4 cup of Water

Chocolate Sauce:
2 1/2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
2 Tablespoons of Raw Cacao
2 Tablespoons of Natural Peanut Butter
1 Tablespoon of Maple Syrup
1 Tablespoon of Honey

Serves: Roughly 25 balls. (But like I did for the last truffles, I was eating them again as I went! Whoops.)

Blend up your Cashews and Almonds first. Once ground up as shown, pop in your Dates.
Blend until you have a consistent mixture. Then add your Cacao, Peanut Butter and Water and continue to blend until it forms a delicious chocolatey paste. Scoop out your chocolate mixture into a bowl ready for rolling.
The mixture is quite sticky so it took me a little practice to figure out a good way to roll them. Yes.. I've made these more than once now! Let me save you the trouble and give you my tips! Firstly, I used some latex kitchen gloves. I made sure I bought the ones that were food safe! And secondly, the easiest way I've found is to actually roll them in Cacao! Do this by scooping up balls worth of mixture and drop it into a small bowl of Cacao. Move it around a little, and then roll it in your palm. It saved me a lot of time and frustration doing it this way!
Once all the mixture is rolled into balls, it's time to coat them in one final chocolatey layer of YUM. So pop the chocolate balls into the freezer while your get your Chocolate Sauce ready. Having them cold helps the chocolate sauce to set nice and fast.

In the cooler weather, coconut oil is hard, so make sure your coconut oil is a liquid before you add your other ingredients. I put it in a mini milk pan on low heat to melt it. Then simply add all your other ingredients and mix well until it's relatively smooth! The peanut butter can take a little longer to blend into the mixture, but it comes together just lovely. Give it a couple minutes.

Before coating the balls, the chocolate sauce will need to be the right temperature and thickness. If you mixed it together over the stove it will be too hot and runny to do it straight away. So pop it in the fridge. It won't take long for it too cool down and thicken up. Only a few minutes, so don't leave it too long. Stir it through often to check. It can take a couple attempts to know how thick it needs to be. If it's too thin, it will run straight off. But if it's too thick, you'll run out of mixture! There is a lovely medium though, and you'll be able to coat all the balls perfectly. To do this, pop a chocolate ball on a teaspoon and dip it into your chocolate sauce. Let the excess sauce run off a little, then pop it down on a tray lined with baking paper. 
Once all the balls are covered, pop them into the freezer to set properly for about 30 minutes. Then serve! If they're not being eaten straight away, keep them in the freezer to keep the chocolate from melting.
And that's it! You won't regret it. Super deliciously healthy Peanut Butter and Chocolate Truffles! No guilt.

Enjoy your Saturday!!

- A M Y  D A V I S

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  1. I saw these on my suggested Instagram feed and immediately came straight here lol- I can't wait to make these!

    1. Aw!! Thats so cool! They are seriously delicious, let me know how you like them!! Can't. Stop. Eating. Them :D

  2. Oh my gosh these sound amazing! Definitely going to give these a go!

    Hayley x

    1. They are SO delicious!! You won't regret it. Let me know how you go! X