tribal nails.

by - Saturday, February 08, 2014

I love a good tribal nail. I figured it was time to do one! Follow along if you like.
Clean and file your nail as normal. I actually decided to do a base coat, then a top coat of shellac first. After all the work on each nail, I wanted it to last a little longer than just normal nail polish!

So let's get started! Pick a colour. I went with baby blue. Do one or two coats depending on how it looks. Then follow the pictures below! Feel free to make up your own random pattern as I did.
It's as easy as that! 
I was originally going to leave it at that, but I decided to get super tribal, and do them all! Instead of doing them the same though, I added a little coral to the tips first, then did my black and white lines afterwards.
To finish it off, I did another layer of base shellac, then a layer of top shellac. So now they're nice and thick, and they'll last longer! They feel so good. Give it a go if you like!

Happily Yours,

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