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by - Monday, February 03, 2014

Nothing gives me greater joy than getting some really great feedback about my blog, as I did recently. It makes me so happy to think that in some small way I can inspire people with creativity and add a little colour in every day life. Thank you to those lovely people!!

So it's time for another nail tute! I wanted to do a fun little sponged gradient heart, so get your colours out, and follow along. 

Firstly, do two coats of white nail polish, all over your nail. Make sure it dries completely before continuing.
Cut a little strip of sticky tape or something similar. Fold it in half and carefully cut half a heart out along the fold. Then open it out to see your full symmetrical heart.
Choose the colours that you want to blend. I chose the two pink shades below. 
Lay the sticky tape onto your nail, placing the heart where you want it. Press down the edges hard.
Next, pop a few drops of each colour right next to each other onto a bit of cloth.
Simply roll the cloth over your nail a few times. Wait about 30 seconds, then peel of the sticky tape to reveal your gradient heart!
It's as easy as that! Let it dry, and then finish it off with a clear top coat.

If you're feeling confident, mix it up a little with shapes and colours and see what you can come up with. Maybe a black & grey diamond, or a yellow and green triangle!

If you upload any pics, tag me (@mrsdavisxo) so I can see!

Happily Yours,

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