button brainwave.

by - Friday, July 26, 2013

Just when I thought I couldn't be more impressed by my husband, he goes and has a button brainwave!
Let me explain.

My favourite pair of black jeans, worn in denim days, had been in my 'fix it' pile for months. You know that pile of clothes that need mending and you promise yourself you'll do it soon? And soon just never seems to come? Yes.. that pile. The button on these particular jeans had not only fallen out, but had left a hole where the button had been. And to make it worse, I couldn't wear them at all, because the zip wouldn't stay up without the button.
I was in clean out mode the other night, and in my productive mindset, I grabbed some of the clothes from that 'fix it' pile including those jeans, and told Joe I was throwing them out.

Then came the button brainwave!

Joe didn't want to see me throw out my favourite black jeans, so he said he'd fix them. He walked out of the room with the jeans and disappeared in to the sewing room. I carried on blissfully in clean out mode and had things flying around the room.

He came back a few minutes later with my jeans, as good as new!!
He said that because there was a hole he couldn't just stitch a button back on. But instead, he stitched two buttons together, with the waistband in-between. This way, there is less tension on the fabric, and the buttons pull against each other.
Thumbs up for amazing husbands, and their creative ways of thinking.
Plus, Joe said my butt looks good in those jeans. No wonder he fixed them!

Have a beautiful day,
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