denim days.

by - Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It was my first day at the new job today. It involves sitting at a desk for half the day and using my brain extensively, and then running around for the other half! So it was an easy decision to wear something comfortable! Denim was a perfect choice for me. My denim jacket is from Jay Jays. Earings so pretty and shiny, from Equip. As was the black honeycomb bracelet and necklace. My new winter boots are ridiculously comfortable, and came from the lovely Novo. My black jeans are from LIVE, and last but not least, my pink lipstick is from SportsGirl! I am a big fan of adding some lip colour to an outfit! Nothing like a bit of colour pop to brighten the day! 

It was a big first day today. I am exhausted!

Bed is calling.

Happily Yours,

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