monday mending.

by - Monday, June 18, 2012

Good Day!
The sun is (finally) out again in perth. We had a week of quite destructive weather last week! Some places were hit harder than others. The good news is that our half-done treehouse survived!! It's standing strong, and I'm so proud of her! My faith in her structure and stability has only grown. The bad news is that despite her standing strong.. there was still some damage done.

Although it may not have been the wisest thing to start building a treehouse as you're heading into winter, after putting so much hard work and truely our whole hearts into this project, it was a little heart-breaking to see this..

BUT. Hopefully it's nothing that Joe and I can't mend with a little love and care.
..and look - the roof is still in tact!

Whilst watching the weather rage outside all week, I had time to get cosy inside with a hot cuppa and my beloved sewing machine. I came up with this sweet little babydoll dress! Made from black faux leather and a tie dye print.
It will be available to purchase soon on etsy!
Happily Yours,

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