leather and life.

by - Tuesday, June 12, 2012

good evening! for the past week or so i have been busy setting up and designing a website, which is almost ready to publish! it's turned out very sweet and simple which i love. there's still a few bits and pieces to organise, but then it will be ready for everyone to have a look at.

i've been getting lots done in the sewing world - even experimenting with faux leather! i'm loving my little collection of clothes, and keep coming up with new ideas to try out. if only i had a few extra hands to keep up with my design ideas!
oh, and in other exciting sewing news - a lovely little package arrived in the mail from france with my sweet new clothing labels!! it's all coming together :)
have a sneak peek below!

when i take some time off sewing, it's usually because the sun is out and the treehouse is calling! joe and i have made lots of progress on it. have a look at our beautiful double glass doors leading out to the balcony! i've been putting some love into the framework, and have slowly started painting it a beachy washed out white. however, whenever i paint, i seem to end up getting more paint on me than what i'm actually painting!
the treehouse house makes me so happy.. i simply cannot wait to live in it!! even if just for a little while.

happily yours,

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