15 Minute Scrunchies

by - Tuesday, November 20, 2018

I have become totally obsessed with Scrunchies! Has anyone else noticed that they are all over Pinterest at the moment?! I really love some of the fabric I have sitting in my stash, and realised I had more than enough materials to make a little selection of Scrunchies for both Isla and I, so I got right to it.

They are so easy to make. They take no more than 15 minutes, so I thought I'd share how I made them. Careful.. you might not be able to stop at just one Scrunchie!

I made two different sizes. They actually use the same amount of elastic, but the width of the fabric is different, making one look smaller, and one larger. I use the small size for Islas hair, and the large size for my own. However, I still use the smaller ones in my hair too!

Sewing Machine
Safety Pin
20" x 3.5" strip of Fabric (for Small size)
20" x 5" strip of Fabric (for Large size)
6" Piece of 6mm Elastic

Let's get to it! Cut your materials out.
With right sides together, fold your strip of fabric in half. Sew closed with a 1/4" seam allowance, and trim the excess away.
Turn inside out. This is quickly and easily done by using a safety pin!
At one end, fold in the end roughly 1/4" to the inside of the strip, so that the raw edge is no longer visible. Pin it down to keep in place. Using the safety pin, start to pull through your elastic through that same end. 
Once you've pulled it through a little bit, pin the other end of the elastic to the end of the strip so that the elastic doesn't follow through and get lost inside the strip.
Pull the safety pin right through, gathering up the fabric. Remove the safety pin, and pin the elastic to the the fabric, just like you did the first side.
Cross over the elastic, and stitch it together. This part can be a little fiddly, but I find if you've got the fabric pinned away nicely, it's not too tricky!
Handy Tip: Pin the elastic together while you get it in position on your sewing machine to make it a little easier.
Once the elastic is stitched together, it's time to join the fabric together. Remove the pins from the end of the fabric strip, and slip the raw edge inside. Match up the seam from each end, pin it closed and top stitch.
And that's all there is to it! You're finished! They are surprising so quick and easy to make!
If you don't want to see the top stitching, you can join it another way, like hand stitching etc. But I found this to be the easiest way, and when they are scrunched up in your hair, you can't see the stitching anyway.
I love our little selection of Scrunchies! I feel like we've just stepped back into the 80's, and I feel 10 years younger! Especially while I'm rocking a fringe at the moment too. Go on, give it a go, and party like it's 1985. Also, side note, Scrunchies are heaps better for your hair than regular hair ties. Much more gentle and less damaging, so YAY for healthier hair!
Let me know how you go! Can't wait to see yours. Happy Sewing!

- A M Y  D A V I S

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