Holiday Snaps

by - Friday, December 04, 2015

Every now and again it's so nice to be able to get away and take a little holiday. Unfortunately, it had been a long time since Joe and I had done that! So we decided to rectify this and go on our very first little family holiday, just with the three of us. We wanted to go somewhere just far enough away that it felt like a holiday, but no too far that it would be overly stressful. That led us to a little beach shack, right on the coast of Busselton. 

Isla slept almost the whole way there (on the way home, it was another story!!) and when we arrived, it was like stepping into a summery dream with a catchy beach theme song.

For the entire time, we totally relaxed, played in the sun, showed Isla the beach and the water multiple times each day, and the best part - made no 'plans' whatsoever! We just did what we wanted, when we wanted. It was so lovely.

I really really really loved just being able to spend time together and have some much needed quality time with each other. When we are old and grey, these are the moments we'll look back on and remember. Moments like when Isla splashes the water, she then tries to catch the bubbles! She has the sweetest heart.
I have to say a special thanks to BBG, (Kayla's Bikini Body Guide) as it quite literally got me into a bikini while we were away, pretty much for the first time ever. I'm feeling more and more like myself again, and although I still have a long way to go, I've never felt so confident and proud of what I've achieved! It's been such a huge and challenging journey for me, and one that's changed my life. Forever! 

Even though I was surrounded by junk food and take-out for 4 days, I didn't feel tempted to have any at all! In fact, I even took my blender with me so I could continue doing a smoothie a day, and kept up with healthy eating. I loved it! I didn't want to let myself go and then feel crap when I got home, and like I had ruined all the progress I had made. And you know what? I didn't feel like I was missing out at all, and I felt so good about it the whole holiday! I also kept up with all my BBG workouts and made time for them daily, and still to this day have not missed a single workout. I've never been able to stick to a workout program before, but somehow this one, and this time is different. I feel like I've broken through a barrier, and now there's no stopping me! I've seen what I can achieve when I put my mind to it, and I've decided to take control of my life. *Watch this space!* Because good things are happening!

To top off the amazing holiday we had and family time we got to spend together, when we got back home, I did my weekly records of my weight and measurements, and found that I weighed my lowest weight so far, and I'd lost even further cm's from around my waist, belly button line and thighs! Usually it's the other way around, but this just motivates me more! I am feeling stronger and stronger every day, and feel like I am slowly becoming a better role model for my little girl. 

To our knowledge, you only live once. You may as well give it everything you've got!

Have a beautiful day,

- A M Y  D A V I S

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