TPFF Restyle Day 6 : Outerwear

by - Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The very first time I walked into Anglicare WA to start looking for Restyle prompt pieces, was in their Belmont store. In the shop window as I walked in, I spotted this jacket on a mannequin, and at that moment I knew it was going to be mine! I completely adore it. Such a statement piece, and so easy to throw on with an otherwise plain outfit to spruce it up a bit! I also found this gorgeous black and white clutch at Anglicare WA to add to my slowly growing clutch collection. Perfect-o!
Upload your Outerwear photos today and tag them with #Restyle2014 so we can see your style!

Jacket : Anglicare WA ($8)
Clutch : Anglicare WA ($20)
Skirt : Cotton On
Crop Top : Borrowed

Have a beautiful day,

- A M Y  D A V I S

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  1. I got my coat in Belmont too! I was so tempted to go looking in the other charity shops while there, but didn't have time. That area has so much! I will have to go again. xx Jenelle

    1. Oh that's so funny! They were all lined up next to each other if I remember correctly! I wanted to have a peek to see what was in the other Charity shops too, but I didn't have time either! Always in such a rush at the moment haha. Next time!

  2. Love your jacket Amy! Such great colours, it suits you so well! xx

    1. Aw thanks Hannah! I know a few people who want this jacket! Hehe, so bright and fun!