TPFF Restyle Day 12 : Tomboy

by - Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When I saw this Arnie T-Shirt, it was a must for me! I'm not usually into wearing tops with peoples faces on them, but this one felt so vintage and laid back. Firstly, I cut around the neckline so that I didn't feel like it was going to strangle me. Then I grabbed this faded denim jacket that I also found at Anglicare WA, and paired them together. To finish it of, I of course threw on some favourite red lippy, so that the look had just enough 'girl' in it to keep me feeling comfortable!

Remember to upload your photos and tag them with #Restyle2014 so we can see your boyish style today!
 photo 124A9057copy.jpg
 photo 124A9030copy.jpg
 photo 124A9041copy.jpg
 photo 124A9059copy.jpg
 photo 124A9009copy.jpg
 photo 124A9063copy.jpg

Arnie T-Shirt : Anglicare WA ($8)
Denim Jacket : Anglicare WA ($5)

Have a beautiful day,

- A M Y  D A V I S

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  1. Omg an Arnie shirt!! So cool. Love the look! You look gorgeous!

  2. I love the faded denim shirt. $5, cool!