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by - Friday, July 25, 2014

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Can you believe that Restyle 2014 starts in just one week today!? That is so crazy to me. It seems like forever ago since the other bloggers and myself found out that we were chosen to be the official Restyle bloggers for this year! Even before it's officially begun, it's been a huge adventure! I've met some of the most wonderful people, and have loved the opportunities that have been opening up!

One of my favourite parts about Restyle is that it's not limited to just us bloggers!! Everyone can get involved, follow along and upload their photos too! I so encourage you to take part in it this year and have fun with us!

Did you see the prompt list above? It was so exciting to read through the list for the first time. My mind went crazy thinking of all the ideas and dreaming up the clothes I would find and be able to style! As you probably know though, sometimes when you have something too specific in mind, you may never find it when you visit Op Shops! Something that I've had to learn is to really keep my mind open when I go Op Shopping. If I try to plan it out too much, or go for something specific, the chances are that I will leave feeling a little disappointed. So for these challenges, I walked into stores and just had a few prompts in mind, but nothing defined like 'green pants' or 'spotty dress'. This has allowed me to find some incredible pieces that I would have simply overlooked if I had been thinking too specific!

I've found it pretty funny actually. Some of the prompts that I thought would be the easiest, have turned out to be the hardest! And some of the ones that I thought I would struggle with most, have been the easiest and really fun! Some favourites, and not-so-favourites..

// Textured //

This one has been one of my absolute favourites so far. The best part is that it was one of the first pieces I found, and it so easily just fell into the prompt! 
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// Double Denim //

I was not looking forward to this one at all! I have never been a huge denim lover that's for sure, so thinking about matching denims stressed me out more than a little! But surprisingly, after picking up a few different denim items, I mixed and matched when I got home, and ended up having the best fun in the shoot! I'm excited to keep those pieces in my wardrobe.
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// Tom Boy //

This was another one that scared me a little. I wanted to pull off tomboy, but still stay feminine! I mixed and matched a little, and actually came up with an outfit very easily, and loved the shoot! It's amazing what some lippy can do to your confidence, and how it can make you feel like a woman no matter what!
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// Gown //
This one was one of the prompts that I had been day dreaming about and expecting to find something incredible for. But it was more tricky than I expected. I came across plenty of full length satin dresses, reasonably outdated. Or lots of dresses that would be suitable for bridesmaids. I was just starting to feel a little discouraged, when I found one of my absolute favourite pieces that works perfectly!! It's a little old school, but with a slight alteration to make it fit a little tighter, I really feel like it could be runway ready! Maybe not your typical 'gown' but in my opinion, definitely fits into the prompt, and a welcome addition to my wardrobe!
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One of the best things about these challenges is that it forces you to add some really unique pieces to your wardrobe. It's really pushing my boundaries and making me step out of my comfort zone! I am loving every moment of that.

Which prompts have been your favourite? And which ones are you struggling with a little? Get Op Shopping this weekend, and remember to keep an open mind!

Have a beautiful day,

- A M Y  D A V I S

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