vintage pegs.

by - Thursday, October 03, 2013

For the Guestbook at our wedding, I wanted to have peoples love notes pegged up on some string! However, I didn't want plain pegs, so I decided to make 100 vintage fabric covered pegs.

Since then, the wedding has been and gone, but the pegs are still very much present! So yesterday, I was trying to come up with a creative way to use the pegs inside, when Joe mentioned using magnets!! And that was it! Why not add magnets to the back of the pegs so that we can peg up some old polaroids on the fridge?! He is a genius.
Firstly, you will need some plain wooden pegs and some desired material.
Then cut out strips of the material and glue them to the pegs, cutting off the excess material. Super simple.
 Optional: Write a note to someone.
Then super glue some small magnets to the back of the pegs and they're finished! Go on and peg up some of your favourite photos onto the fridge!!
Happily Yours,

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  1. Very cool! I want to make some! Question - where did you buy the small magnets from?