nerdy neon nails.

by - Thursday, October 10, 2013

For this weeks nails challenge, I decided to go green! But I felt like something a little more than just plain green. Something with two tones. And so appeared my Nerdy Neon Nails!
For this look, simply paint a coat of nail polish all over your nail. I went with a neon green. Let it dry.
Then dab some white nail polish on the ends, however thick and messy as you like. Let it dry.
Then paint a thin coat of the original colour you used all over the nail again. This creates the perfectly matched two tones!
Try this with any colour your like! I'm thinking either pink or orange would also look great.

Have fun, and as always, send me photos of your creations!

Have a beautiful day,
 photo SIGNOFF.jpg

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