i wear what i make.

by - Thursday, August 22, 2013

The weather is still chilly here in Perth, but every so often we get a summery day. These days are amazing, especially when they fall on one of Joe and my days off together! The other day we had a date-day by the coast, and what better way to celebrate the sun than to wear a dress that I designed and sewed?!
I can't wait to sew some more summery dresses as we get closer to summer!!

Happily Yours,

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  1. You have a beautyfull blog! Thank you for letting me have a look! Found you on FB by the way;) I`ll ad you to my bloglovin feed. Please feel free to take a look at my blog as well: http://trollemors-hverdag.blogspot.no/

    (Stitches & Pearls)


    1. hello! aw thank you so much :)) i have just opened up your blog and had a peek! such an inspiring blog! when you get so much time to sew! i always struggle to find the time.