making a top from a dress.

by - Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When I order dresses online, often they turn out to be too short. This is just because of my body shape and length but it can be a little frustrating! Does anyone else have this problem?
I mean.. how cute is this dress??
What's not cute is wearing it and having your butt cheeks showing. 
I figured that I will never be able to wear this dress as an actual dress, so I should shorten it and wear it as a top.
So I pinned it all the way around.
For a bit of fun, I pinned a little higher at the front, and dipped a little lower at the back.
Then I cut along the line of pins carefully. There was quite a bit of excess material, so down the track, I can easily go back and add some ruffles or sleeves! (I get so excited about things like that.)
Then I hemmed all the way around the bottom.
Complete! So quick and easy. And what's even better is that Joe loves this top on me!

Double win!

I feel like going through my whole closet and reconstructing all the clothes so it's like I have an entirely new wardrobe!

Happily Yours,

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