by - Friday, July 19, 2013

A few nights ago Joe asked me if there was something that I had always wanted to experience, but never had. After five or ten minutes, I realised it was tougher to think of something than I thought it would be!
It can't be something that requires learning (like a language) or achieving (like getting a degree). But just an experience.

Joe told me he saw a Sony advertisement that showed 3 different people who got to experience something they had always wanted. It was pretty inspiring! My favourite one was the man who got to see the ocean for the first time. He dived right on in!

It took me until yesterday to actually think of something! I have always wanted to experience what it feels like doing pottery. You know how they hold that deliciously disgusting wet & gooey clay as it spins around and around? I want to experience that.

What about you? What have you always wanted to experience?

Happily Yours,

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