bow tie fabulous

by - Friday, June 21, 2013

Bow ties have become a love of mine. They are so fun to make, and so cute to wear.
There are so many possibilities with shape, size and fabric.
Finding the right bow tie can be difficult. For our wedding, we wanted bow ties for Joe and all his groomsmen, but there was nothing at the shops remotely close to what we wanted! They were all made with satin, and either black, white, red or bright pink. Not really our style. So I decided to make them myself! I experimented with a few test ones, but ended up deciding on a dark grey stretch material - and I loved how they turned out!
If you need a bow tie for any event from a wedding - to a dress up party, feel free to inquire!
I am now taking orders and making/selling custom made bow ties.
(Price is dependant on material wanted.)

Well, I'm back to the sewing machine.. there's a few new designs on the way. I should probably not be doing so many projects at once.. but I can't help myself!!

Happily Yours,

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