honeymooners 1:3 - barcelona.

by - Friday, May 10, 2013

The day after our wedding was such an incredible day. It was the strangest feeling to not be in a rush! For the first time in what felt like a very long time, we just felt so calm! We were flying out to Barcelona that night, so we had time to just relax, and slowly make sure we hadn't forgotten to pack anything. We went through all our lovely wedding cards, and then strolled into the shops to pick up some things. Yes.. strolled! We didn't have to dash in, and dash out. It was so nice. We even decided to go see a movie together that afternoon. It was just a lovely relaxing day, which is just what we needed.
Then is was off to Barcelona! We only had 24 hours there before we left on our cruise, so we made the most of it. Barcelona is truly beautiful. We hired out bikes, and rode around for the day.
Sweet Dreams Barcelona..

Happily Yours,

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