cake pop crushes.

by - Friday, March 15, 2013

Recently, I have been buried under wedding planning and organisation! Joe and I are getting married in just 5 weeks tomorrow.. which is completely mad. And amazing!

Speaking of wedding planning, I've decided that I'm going to bake cake pops instead of having an actual wedding cake! Maybe that's a little mad, but they are just too cute. I've had a little crush on these cake treats for a little while, and it was officially time to do a trial run!
I encourage you to give them a go! They really are so easy. 
Firstly, Joe and I did the prep work, and baked a delicious Red Velvet cake from scratch. It took a lot of strength not to eat the whole thing before bed!
The next morning, I broke the cake up into pieces and added a few 'large' spoonfuls of plain vanilla frosting. Of course, I had to taste test it first.. and yes, yes.. I approved!
I got my (washed) hands nice and dirty with mixing the delicious frosting with the even more delicious Red Velvet cake! Once the texture was right, I rolled the cake in my hands, and made nice little round cake balls, as smooth as possible.
 I put the tray of little cake balls into the freezer to harden up a little whilst I melted my white chocolate melts. Again, I had to taste test these.. and again I approved! Mmm.
Then I got my cake pop stand, melted chocolate and some 6 inch cake pop sticks ready. It's about to get messy.. and even more fun!!
I got the cake pops out of the freezer, then one at a time, I dipped a cake pop stick into the melted chocolate and stuck it about two thirds of the way through a cake ball.
Every recipe I've read, they do this so that the stick is secure inside the cake ball and won't come out. Handy!
Luckily, chocolate doesn't take long to set! So as soon as I had put all the sticks through, I could start going back and dipping the whole cake balls into the melted chocolate. Once it was covered, I let the excess drip off and put it on the cake pop stand to set. 
I stepped back and admired what was clearly.. happiness on a stick!
I then did a little jump for joy.
Just like before, the chocolate set really fast. So I went back over them and just drizzled on some more for a bit of decoration.
I can't get over how cute and lovely they turned out. I may have to make more of these, and try new flavours and decorations! This has made me confident in wanting to make them for our upcoming wedding.
The last step of this fun little baking project.. is to eat them!! Clearly. They're delicious and irresistible

For a moment, I feel like I could own my own 'Cakes, Sweets & Treats' patisserie. This moment may not last long.. but right now I'm dreaming rivers of melted white chocolate, cake mountains and sugar caves!

Have a great day,
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