the proposal!

by - Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Wednesday!!
It really is such a beautiful day! I feel like I am in a dream.

For those of you who don't know, I am so so so excited to announce that Joe and I are engaged!! He proposed on Thursday evening, the 18th of October. Since that moment, I have not been able to stop smiling! How I am feeling on the inside keeps appearing on the outside when I find myself jumping up and down on the spot and letting out squeals of happiness and excitement!

I am so blessed and feel so loved. Joe really is my soul mate, best friend, other half, and now.. fiancé!! I can not wait to see what our future holds.

There were a handful of people who helped Joe make it all happen smoothly on the day, and I want to say a huge thank you to you all for that! 

For anyone who would like to read, below is how he proposed. I warn you.. it's reasonably lengthy! and i've put in quite a few photos to go with the tale. Joe's sister, Lara, sneakily took the photos whilst hiding in the bushes! So a massive thank you to her, because we'll treasure them forever :)


For the past week and a half Joe had been sending me a picture text each day from the the app 'Red Stamp' with an iPhone. Each one had one page of the story of us, starting from when we first started writing to each other. It was written beautifully, and it was not only our story.. but a fairytale version of it. He really has a way with words, it was so special! It made me laugh and remember how we came to be. I started looking forward to them every day! Little did I know.. this was all part of the proposal.

I had been wanting to have my hair done for months, and on tuesday I figured I had saved enough to have it done. So on Tuesday 16th, I got in contact with Bek (who is an amazing hairdresser) and asked her about prices and availability etc. She was just about to go on holidays, but said she could book me in with someone on Friday. I had thursday and friday off from work, so it sounded good to me!

After dinner on Tuesday, Lara told me she had vouchers to get manicures done, and asked if I wanted to go with her on Thursday sometime. Again.. sounded good to me! 
I told Joe I was having my hair done on friday, but as Joe was going to propose on Thursday, he needed me out of the house for the whole day. So he and Lara got Bek to contact me and say she could do my hair at her house on Thursday instead! As I was figuring out a time with Bek and talking to Joe and Lara, they were texting Bek telling her what to say to me. How complicated and wonderfully sneaky! We worked it out that I could have my hair done and then get nails done with Lara afterwards! Sorted.

When Thursday came, I went to Bek's house to have my hair done. I didn't know this at the time, but she kept getting messages from Lara saying to stall! So Bek actually dragged the process out and took about twice the amount of time doing my hair than it was meant to. Lara then messaged me asking if I could just meet her down at the shops once I was done because she'd already be there. Again.. this would keep me out of the house. I let Joe know.. (but of course he already knew). 

I left Bek's and headed off to meet Lara and have our nails done. When I got there, she said we were going to have pedicures as well! (this again was so that i would be out of the house longer!) So we had pedicures, then we had manicures. As the lady finished doing my nails, she went to the counter, then came back and gave me my last 'ring riddle ring'!! This was completely unexpected!

(So those who don't know - Joe has been giving me a ring basically each month since February. All different shapes and sizes, and all made out of different things, but each one has a word engraved inside so that when I had all nine of them it would say a sentence!)

So after receiving the ninth and final ring, the riddle was complete!! It said 'HERE WITH YOU MY DREAMS HAVE BECOME MY REALITY'. I was so happy! I couldn't take my eyes off it while we waited for our nails to dry. I thought briefly that maybe something was going to happen tonight.. but I didn't want to get my hopes up.
When we were finished, I headed to the car. I called Joe and told him that the strangest thing happened.. the lady doing my nails gave me a ring! However did that happen?! ;) I let him know that I was coming home, and asked if he wanted to do anything tonight for date night. He told me he may go to the studio for a bit, but if so we could go out afterwards. Sounded good to me.. but after that phone call I wasn't suspicious in the slightest, and didn't think anything would happen then.

I drove home. As I parked in the driveway and picked up my phone. I had a text from Joe. I opened it up and it was a picture message with another page of our story in fairytale version. This one was telling me in the most beautiful way to meet him down at the lake at 6pm.. wearing a dress and no shoes! I suddenly had a feeling that something was going to happen again seeing as he had just tried to throw me off with saying he might go to the studio. Clearly he had no intention to! The time was already 5:30.. I only had half an hour to meet him! I was so excited that I quickly got out of the car, but as I stepped out I dropped my new iPhone 5.. and it smashed!! I have never in my life broken or smashed a phone.. and it had to happen at that moment! It wouldn't turn on, and I was trying to remember what the message said. I ran inside and threw on a dress that I knew he liked, put some shine on my lips, fluffed and sprayed my hair and then shaved my legs very quickly!! Then I heard Lara in the house, so I went to her quickly and showed her what happened to my phone. She looked concerned.. because obviously she knew what was going on. So she gave me Joe's number and then she left. I called Joe and told him what happened. But I didn't have long to be there, so I ran out the door.. and headed to the lake. I didn't have a working GPS, or my phone.. so I had to locate the lake from memory and if I couldn't find it first go.. I would be late and miss sunset!

Luckily, it was meant to be, and I found the lake in record time. As I parked, I saw Lara's car.. Joe's dad's car.. and the church van, which we borrow from time to time when transporting large items. At this stage I knew something was happening. It was either that or we were having a large family date that no one told me about. I started walking down to the lake.. the lighting was stunning as the sun was creeping low. I could make out Joe and his dad in the water next to something large and floating! As I got closer, I briefly thought I saw someone in the bushes with a camera.. (Lara). Then Joe's dad walked past me and back to the car saying "I'm not meant to be here!" ahh yes.. something was definitely going on. My heart was racing and stomach flipping in the best of ways.
As I walked closer I saw that he had built an incredible raft!! It had barrels underneath, four poles with hanging fairylights and tea lights surrounding the floor! In the middle of the raft was a beautiful white vintage table and chairs set, and a picnic bag.
Needless to say.. I was stunned.
I went into the water to meet Joe. He took my bag and helped me onto the raft then kissed me. The water wasn't too deep.. it was just perfect. He pushed us out further into the water and then came aboard as well. I was literally just speechless!
We sat down and he pulled out some of my favourite treats from the picnic bag! Fetta stuffed olives, chocolate coated strawberries.. and some brownies from Nan and Pop! Delicious!
Not long had passed, when he said it was such a shame that I had smashed my phone because he had another page of our story to read. I said that I had actually read the last one in such a rush, that I wanted to read it again. He said that he would need to show me on his phone. So he got the page up for me and I read it. Then he said when I was ready, to read the following one. The sun was just starting to set.. and my heart was going crazy.
it read..
As I read it, Joe got down on one knee and pulled out a little black box..
..In my head I was telling myself that it was just a necklace, and that this was all just to throw me off!
But it wasn't.
He started with "Here with you my dreams have become my reality.. but you already knew that.." and then continued to tell me the most beautiful things.. I was in awe. It felt like my heart had stopped and yet was beating a hundred miles an hour at the same time. He asked me to marry him.. and opened up the little black box. The ring was absolutely stunning, but it didn't even matter. I was just so happy.
It was a definite yes from me!! Who am I kidding.. it was a yes after our first date! God has had his hand on us from the beginning. That is so evident.
Night fell and the fairylights lit up the water around us. It was just like a fairytale.. completely perfect. We cuddled up, talked, listened to music, and enjoyed the snacks.
I couldn't get over the engagement ring.. it is far better than I could have dreamt of. It's so delicate and vintage looking. It's yellow gold which I had really wanted because my parents had yellow gold rings and that always signified marriage to me. But it's so soft and from the front there are just hints of it poking through, which I love!! I would not change a thing.. how did I get so lucky!?
Joe told me that he had called my mum and asked her permission to marry me! I loved that, and I think she would have really appreciated it.
I still can't believe I smashed my phone.. it was such bad timing on my part! Making it very difficult for me to contact people and let them know the news. But I have a new one on the way, and have organised to have my old one working again in the meantime.

So now we have a wedding coming up!! I am so excited to be marrying my best friend!
There is much planning to do.. so i better get a move on.

Thank you all for your love and support, and for being a part of our journey.
Forever grateful.

Happily Yours,

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  1. Sooo sooo gorgeous Amy!! I'm so happy for you both! Of course he had to make the raft! haha.. wouldn't expect anything less from Joe! You guys deserve each other! Perfect couple xx

  2. aw thank you so much! he really is amazing. :)

  3. Beautiful pics.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin???
    My Blog

  4. Replies
    1. aw thank you!! :) it's our perfect story, and i'll never forget!

  5. That is so lovely, it made me cry!!!
    What a wonderful man

    1. I shared your blog post on my blog, hope you dont mind!

    2. He is just amazing. I can't believe I get to be his wife! Such a romantic hehe. And of course I don't mind!! I'm so flattered you shared this post! It means a lot! :))