sundecks & windows.

by - Sunday, July 08, 2012

There's been lots of progress with the treehouse this week!

As we are in the midst of winter here in Perth, Joe and I really need to make the most of any sunny days. We need to get as much done as we can so that the least amount of damage is done from the constant heavy rains!

We've gotten two of our windows up, which we got a great deal on at a local salvage yard. I cleaned them madly so that the sun could actually shine through them! We also managed to get the tin roof up on the 3 metre high roof and the sundeck on the lower roof is well underway too! Whoever would have thought we'd have a double storey treehouse!?

Have a peek below for the latest 'progress photos'.
So the treehouse is going good, and life is going good.
Something else that is good.. is mini jelly beans.
Yesterday, I couldn't stop eating them. They were like mini explosions of sugar happiness in my mouth.

Happily Yours,

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